Our Clients’ Comments:
Your classes (Group & Semi-Private) are not only helpful but ESSENTIAL for my purpose of regaining my health – not only physical but mental and spiritual as well. I have learned to reduce the tension in my neck, arms and shoulders. After years of fighting back pain, I already am mostly pain free and my posture has improved tremendously. Tension headaches that plagued me often for days at a time have almost disappeared completely. It is hard to believe that I have received such amazing benefits from your classes that are so pleasant to attend. You make it fun and easy enough for anyone to be able to participate.

Anne Schaefer

I was diagnosed with Anxiety/Panic disorder last year and none of the prescribed medication was working for me so I decided to try some Yoga/Meditation to control my attacks. I joined Perin’s Beginner class, Group sessions, and it has helped me immensely. Perin has an overwhelming sense of tranquility and calmness to her, which she conveys to all of her students. The things you learn in her class you can use in every day life when "challenges" arise. I would highly recommend Perin and The Yoga Vitality Studio classes to anyone who just needs to learn to relax that "little bit more", especially now with the world we live in, the demands of our jobs and every day life.

Beverley N.

I found your Private lessons very helpful. I thank you for accommodating my hectic schedule. I feel that you have helped me begin a new journey. I have already noticed the subtle ways in which yoga is affecting my day to day life - in a very good way, physically and emotionally. I will be back.

John Marovino

I am a breast cancer survivor, and was looking for a way to ease my stress and pain from the chemo treatments. A friend happened to come across the website for "Yoga Vitality", and being glad that it was close to home, I decided to give it a try. I've been told for years that Yoga is very good for stress, but never got around to trying it. Well, I truly believe things happen for a reason and I was meant to meet Perin because she has been a Godsend. The sessions have been amazing and I find I don't need medication for my pain anymore. I find my whole outlook on things much calmer and easier to handle. I recommend anyone who wants to try Yoga for whatever reason, go to Perin as she is a warm, lovely person who knows her "stuff"! You will see, it is her passion, and that is very contagious!

Karen W.

Since the age of six, I have been plagued intermittently with allergy related asthma. Several years ago the condition became particularly acute involving many chest infections, hospitalizations and massive doses of medication. Since Fall 2001, I began practicing Yoga with Perin once a week. During the Winter, I increased classes to twice a week and found particularly the chest expander postures, deep breathing beneficial. I also became very careful about my diet. By the beginning of Summer 2002, I found improvement in my condition and by Christmas, I was entirely symptom free -substituting with specific postures, deep breathing and relaxation. Last Winter, I started cross-country skiing again after dropping it 25 years ago. This Spring, I am doing in-line skating and am enjoying it very much.  What Yoga has done for me is truly remarkable. Thank you, Perin!

Marilyn Duff

We are part of a Group class for Beginners offered by Yoga Vitality Studio at our work-site. Perin is a very gentle, caring and intuitive teacher. We truly enjoy her classes and look forward to them. The classes are well planned and there is a time to step out of the day’s thoughts before going into a full session of warm-ups, breathing techniques, postures and meditation/relaxation. The variety of postures, outlined verbally and demonstrated every time, makes for an interesting class. The teacher’s gentle voice and manner are soothing and definitely enhance the class. Yoga has helped us to become more flexible, we feel more energetic and relaxed. If you want to feel better, we recommend that you try it!!!

Staff Participating in Yoga Classes at St. Clair W. Services for Seniors

When my doctor recommended that I have private Yoga classes with a professional to relieve very persistent neck, shoulder and arm pains I was delighted.  Having previously tried to learn Yoga from books, I now sought out a professional Yoga teacher.  After only a few sessions working with Perin the pains were greatly eased.  Yoga has also provided many other benefits, such as improved posture, flexibility, breathing and stress control, all invaluable to a 75 year old with a heart condition! Perin is an exceptional teacher, thoughtful, patient, kind and very thorough.                                                                                                                                                                                    

Victor Brown

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